Conversations on Philosophy

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This blog will be a series of philosophical themes, with the goal of starting a conversation or dialogue.  We will cover death, politics, evolution, and society – along with anything else that comes to mind.  I will take a position on a particular topic – a theory, if you will –  and I will invite readers to weigh in with their thoughts.  The idea here is to make philosophical thought accessible to everyone, even those who have not studied philosophy; in fact, the only educational requirement will be that you speak English.  If I don’t bring home the topic statement in a way that can be understood by everybody, then that’s a failure.  And I don’t aim to fail.  Our first topic, in the next blog post, will be about death.  Because today I had a personal epiphany about it and I would like to share.  We all think about this topic from time to time.  It is an experience shared by all of us.  So it’s a fitting start.

What does “secular spiritual human” mean to me? Why do I use the handle?  Because I tend to use earthly or human tools like mathematics, philosophical thinking, and science, to bring a new understanding to spiritual issues.  It’s a blending of the mundane and the spiritual which makes us human.  At least that’s how I understand it.

I also want to say a word about higher-level philosophical study.  This course carries an honoured place in higher educational institutions around the world.  What philosophy students do is to reach higher and higher levels of thought and analysis.  This is great exercise for the reasoning faculties.  Of course nothing that I write here could possibly replace that.  This is rudimentary level philosophy, presented in a way that can possibly make people think and perhaps even have a discussion together.  That’s the goal.


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